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Why Senior Skin May Require More Care


As we age, the body undergoes biological changes that may affect how our bodies work and react. Our skin may not be the same as it used to be. It may be prone to diseases, dryness, itching, and irritation which makes it important to have a skincare routine. As a provider of respite care in Virginia we pay close attention to the skincare of our senior clients.

Some common skin conditions to look out for in elderly care include:

  • Dermatitis is characterized by overly dry or itchy skin. This can become worse as in exfoliative dermatitis that includes excessive peeling and shedding.
  • Senile purpura appears as purple spots in the arms and legs. The skin becomes too thin that the blood vessels and capillaries become exposed due to their proximity to the surface.
  • Skin infections/ parasites can be indicated by rashes that swell and are abnormally warm to the touch.
  • Skin growths need to be checked on by a doctor immediately as they can easily escalate out of control.

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