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What ADL Assistance Do to the Elderly


One of the benefits of hiring the services for home care is that it helps not only the seniors but also the family. The main purpose of elderly care is to provide seniors the assistance that they need in daily living activities such as personal care and to allow them to have company while stuck at home.

The following are the activities for daily living that are essential for every older adult and here are how caregivers can assist them:

  • bathing and dental hygiene

    They will be assisted in properly washing their face and body and at the same time, caregivers will make sure to keep their mouth, gums, and teeth clean and healthy.

  • using the toilet

    This is by far one of the difficult and dangerous activities for them since they can also be prone to fall, just like in bathing. Hence, they will be assisted in the toilet in cleaning themselves appropriately.

  • eating, transfer, and mobility

    All these are essential, hence they need to be assisted in their meal preparations and in safely moving around the house or to locations, if necessary.

  • dressing

    Sometimes, older adults will have difficulty choosing what to wear and how to wear them. Hence, they will be assisted in dressing and grooming.

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