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Tips on How to Help Senior’s Hypertension at Home


Did you know that your chances of having high blood pressure increase as you are older? High blood pressure is known as the “silent killer”, because symptoms are not always recognized right away. However, this can lead to health complications, such as stroke, heart disease, and even kidney failure.

If your senior has been diagnosed with hypertension, then you should encourage them to make changes in their lifestyle and assist them in maintaining their blood pressure levels. Here are some elderly care tips on how to manage your senior’s high blood pressure:

  • Reduce Their Sodium Intake

    Sodium is a great contributor to high blood pressure, and high salt intake can lead to heart conditions, including stroke. Make sure to cut back on the salt in your senior’s meals, and instead, use fresh seasonings to add a little taste to their dishes.

  • Add More Potassium to Their Diet

    Potassium helps your body get rid of sodium and eases the pressure on your blood vessels. Foods that are high in potassium are vegetables, like leafy greens, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, fruits, tuna, and salmon.

  • Manage Stress Healthily

    Don’t let them manage the stress with booze and smoke. Have them learn to manage stress through healthier means, like exercise, listening to soothing music, or doing their hobby like art or reading.

Do you need assistance in managing your senior’s blood pressure levels?

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