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Kidney Care Tips for the Aging Senior


As you age, you may be more prone to developing kidney disease if you do not take the steps in maintaining your kidney function. At the same time, if you are currently living with diabetes and hypertension, then you are at an increased risk of developing chronic kidney disease.

With this, you must take measures in ensuring your blood pressure and blood sugar levels are healthy. As a provider of home care services in Hampton, Virginia that has helped numerous seniors stay in optimal health, here are our tips in kidney care:

  • Make Healthy Food Choices
    Avoid eating takeaways and start eating home-made healthy foods. Cut back on the salt and added sugars. Instead, have low-sodium meals and consume foods rich in fiber, like whole grain. Of course, don’t forget to have your serving of fruits and vegetables as well
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight
    Obesity or being overweight can increase your risk for conditions associated with kidney failure, like diabetes and high blood pressure. With this, if you need to lose weight, talk to your physician about healthy weight loss strategies you can do.
  • Be Aware of the OTC Medications Used for Chronic Pain
    Regular use of nonprescription pain relievers can cause damage to your kidneys. With that, make sure to follow the instructions of the package, ask your pharmacist about its effects, or talk to your physician about alternative methods of pain relief.

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