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How to Help Your Senior Loved Ones Avoid Dehydration

How to Help Your Senior Loved Ones Avoid Dehydration

Water is essential for many of the body’s functions including temperature regulation, waste elimination, blood oxygen circulation, cognitive function, and more. With insufficient water to sustain these fundamental processes, you become dehydrated.

Maintaining the right amount of water is tricky because you lose water through sweat and urination. However, you can still prevent dehydration through these simple steps:

  • Eat fruits
    Water is not the only source of fluid. Many foods contain a lot of water such as vegetables, fruits, and soups. If you find water to be bland and boring, you can always try a little creativity by making fruit shake, smoothies, or fruit juice popsicles. On the cases that you need someone to watch over your loved ones, we offer respite care in Hampton, Virginia to support you during this time.
  • Bring your own drinks anywhere you go
    Most seniors simply forget to drink water or find it hard to access a glass of fruit juice. Choose an enticing water bottle or container to make it easier for you to remember to drink your fluids. Also, caregivers who provide personal care in Virginia can bring a portable bottle of water for you, especially when you have activities outside your home.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance
    A home care provider can make easier to make sure that your loved ones stay hydrated. In contrast to staying at a care facility, seniors who are taken care at home have better access to fluids, fruits, and vegetables. They can also move freely and enjoy the comforts in their own home. For more information about how we can help in improving the quality of life of your senior loved ones, visit Royalty and Blessings Home Care, LLC today.
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