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How Companionship Prevents Senior Depression

How Companionship Prevents Senior Depression

According to WebMD, about six million Americans ages 65 and above experience late-life depression. Depending on someone’s circumstances, depression among seniors results from isolation from family members and friends, serious medical condition, fear about the future, and a lot more. Exceptional elderly care offers significant value in preventing senior depression through companionship.

  • Companionship defies isolation.
    As time goes by, our family members separate themselves and build their respective families. Friends live far away meeting new acquaintances. Many seniors live alone with no one to talk to at home. As such, a companion is your friend who can join you with your gardening, walking, shopping, and eating meals.

  • Companionship offers assistance.
    Living with an illness or disability doesn’t mean depriving yourself of freedom and independence. You can still live the life you’ve always wanted. With a well-trained companion providing respite care in Virginia, you have an extra hand to help you with bathing, dressing, cooking, housekeeping, and a lot more.

  • Companionship becomes your advocate.
    Companionship is not just a part of home care services in Hampton, Virginia. Companionship advocates prevention of senior depression by providing dedicated care to improve their quality of life. Caregivers are your friends, assistants, and advocates.

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