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Diabetes Care Tips: How to Manage Their Blood Sugar

Diabetes Care Tips: How to Manage Their Blood Sugar

Does your senior have diabetes? Should they be unable to manage their blood sugar level, it could lead to serious health complications. Hence, if you need extra help in elderly care, perhaps you can enlist the help of a caregiver to assist you.

But if you’re currently acting as your loved one’s primary caregiver, you can ascertain their blood sugar levels remain healthy through the following:

  • Make Their Meals Well-Balanced
    Make sure that they have the right balance of starches, fruits, vegetables, and proteins in their meals. Choose fiber-rich foods that help keep their blood sugar at healthy levels. Talk to their physician or dietitian about having a meal plan that’s appropriate for their condition.
  • Exercise Regularly
    Discuss with their physician about an appropriate exercise plan that will best fit their condition. Once they’ve provided an exercise plan, keep to a schedule and make it a daily or weekly routine.
  • Store Insulin Properly
    If you don’t store insulin properly or keep it past its expiration date, it could lose its effectiveness, or worse, cause severe effects on your loved one’s health. Make sure to store it as advised and dispose of expired insulin properly.

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