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Brain Activities You Can Do with Your Senior

Brain Activities You Can Do with Your Senior

It’s crucial to keep your senior’s brain active to preserve their cognitive functioning and slowing the process of mental decline. With the pandemic still going on, there’s not a lot of activities your seniors can do outdoors. However, there are still some activities they can do inside that can still stretch their brain muscles and get them working.

So, what brain exercises can seniors do to preserve their cognitive functioning and memory?

Here are some activities we suggest:

  • Gardening
    Not only does gardening do good for their mental well-being, but their knowledge of plants and flowers, while they are tending their garden, can help boost their cognitive abilities as well.
  • Reading Books
    What’s great about reading books is that it not only boosts one’s cognitive skills but also broadens their vocabulary. Should they have an elderly care companion at home, the caregiver can discuss the book with the senior to increase their social skills and exercise their memory.
  • Learning a New Language
    These days it can be hard for anyone to travel. But one way to learn about cultures and boost cognitive functioning is to learn languages. Why not sign up your senior for online language classes? It not only keeps their brains active but allows them to learn a new skill even in their golden years.

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