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Assisting Caregivers Through Respite Care Services

Assisting Caregivers Through Respite Care Services

There are 60 million individuals in the United States alone who serve as primary caregivers to their loved ones and neighbors in need. Their line of work concerns daily living assistance and requires a great deal of skill, compassion, and devotion. Referred to as “family caregivers,” these individuals provide a variety of non-medical home care services that cover personal care, homemaking, and companionship.

In an infographic presented by Mental Health America (MHA), 85% of these caregivers do not get breaks from their daily duties. Hence, making them feel more tired than usual that may even lead to burnouts and developing certain health conditions. To remedy this issue, respite care was made available to offer relief and assistance to the millions of selfless and responsible family caregivers who continually support and render services to their loved ones, friends, and neighbors.

Royalty and Blessings Home Care, LLC offers excellent and dependable respite care in Hampton, Virginia. Family caregivers can avail of this service in times of emergencies, whenever they have to go out of town and attend events, or whenever they just need well-deserved breaks. Depending on the caregivers’ specific needs, respite care may be provided for hours, days, or even months.

For more information about us and how we can be of services, kindly browse through our website. Aside from respites, we also offer services such as companionship and personal care in Virginia.

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